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April 2007



Do Christians Care about the Earth?

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Welcome to my blog!

I’m calling it “WDYT: What Do You Think?” because I want to provide a place for on-going dialogue about what’s important in the Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. The beauty of blogging as I understand it is that we’ll “talk” to each other.

A piece that had kept me from blogging fell into place recently when the creator of Wikia (no, that’s not a wicca group but a cyber-encyclopedia) recommended a code of conduct or rules of civility for blog conversations. See “Rules of Engagement” on this blog’s home page. These will be the standard for this blog. (They’re definitely in cyber-language and not church language, but they seem like holy conferencing to me!)

So this is our trial run. I hope you’ll get registered and join in the conversation.

Climate Change

Let’s begin by talking about what Minnesotans love to talk about: the weather. Only I’m thinking of weather in the global sense: global climate change. (Click here to see what National Geographic has to say about it.) I’ve been convicted recently through a number of conversations that we as United Methodists can really make a difference in the world for ourselves and others if we would make the care of our physical home, the planet, a priority in our daily living.

I’m going to avoid preaching but I’d love to hear your best biblical and theological as well as scientific thoughts and convictions on the matter.

What about global change? Is it just junk science? Is it something that we as Christians have an obligation to address in our daily, religious, political and spiritual lives?




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