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June 2007



Now that you’ve completed the surveymonkey on redistricting, WDYT?

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The Minnesota Annual Conference voted in early June to reduce by one district. While we may not have even considered that question if there wasn’t some financial motivation behind it, sometimes finances help us think about what’s important to us and why.

By this time you may have seen that there is a surveymonkey that you can take to give us feedback on reconfiguring districts. I hope you’ll do that. But I want to engage us in a conversation, listening to each other as well as for me to listen to you on what matters in regards to the make-up of a district. This is the “essay” part of the feedback.

I’m interested in what you think is most important in a district:

Is it an identity?

The role of the district superintendent?

What’s the role that the district plays for you and your church that no one or nothing else can play?

What are the essential considerations and values that you would want us to keep in mind in relation to the reconfiguration and reduction of districts?




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