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November 2007



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…or is it?

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About this time of the year, I hear bishops and district superintendents (and I’ve seen a lot of them lately) talking about how it doesn’t “feel” like Advent and Christmas to them because they’re not in the thick of preparing for the season in a local church. In part it’s a lament for what bishops and district superintendents have been called to do in ministry…and they miss it.

But in one conversation recently there was a lay person who quietly said, “That’s how laity feel all the time.” In other words, laity are busy people with families, work, and responsibilities. Most of them aren’t in the thick of preparing for the spiritual meaning of the season.

The church’s ministry to people during the Advent/Christmas season is to help remind and prepare hearts and minds for the seasons when so much else claims the laity’s time and attention.