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March 2014



Who moved my equipment?

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I try to work out a couple times a week.  I stop in my local fitness center after running a few miles and spend 30 minutes using the machines for resistance training.  The other morning I ran in and went to the back room where three of my favorite machines have resided since I joined.  They were gone!  Where were they?

I inquired, and the attendant (not the manager, not the owner, just works there) said that they were redundant and they took them out.  Now the back room is just used for those who want to do floor exercises.

Then I discovered that all the machines were rearranged.  Nothing was where it had been before!  Who moved my equipment?

I was quite disoriented.  I spent more time looking around than working out that day.

This wasn’t my first disorienting experience with them.  For weeks their clocks–at least 5 throughout the place–all registered a different time from each other.  It’s important for me to know what time it is as I work out because I only have a certain amount of time before I need to leave and get ready for work.

I inquired of the attendant.  “How come all the clocks are different?”

“They are?”  I assured him they were and he looked up to see that in fact they were.

“Just look at the time on the TV monitor.”

Really?  You have 5 clocks in here and I’m suppose to look at the time on the TV monitors which are in the part of the room that I never use?  Fortunately I’ve had some training and experience not to just let loose with my first thoughts and so I said evenly, “But that’s what clocks are for!”  He promised to tell management and in a couple of weeks the clocks all gave the same time.  (I held my breath when the time changed this spring but I’m happy to say that all is well.)

I’ve spent some time working out thinking about how disorienting it is for many people in churches that make abrupt, unexplained changes to how things are done and scheduled and handled.  It’s disorienting, especially without explanation or help.

After a couple of weeks, I’m not as tempted to complain about it but it’s hard.  The funny thing is that I’m pretty sure that in a few months, if they change again, I’ll be just as disoriented and upset.

Why?  Because I’ve been using some different machines than I used to use and my routine with the machines is different…and I have to admit, I’d gotten in a rut which made me dread going some days. I like my new routine. (Ouch, that was hard to say!) I miss my three favorite machines but my new routine is as good if not better than it was before.

But I admit, if those clocks go unsynchronized again…



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