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April 2014



Prayers for this Holy Saturday

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On this Saturday between Good Friday and Easter morning, this woman—a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a fellow citizen–weeping for her beloved family members and her country at large makes me think of Mary, the mother of Jesus, weeping for her son who suffered and died.  The agony in her face is intense and I see it as symbolic of the agony of all who are weeping today for the children and others on the ship that sank off the coast of South Korea this week.

The Michelangelo sculpture of Mary holding her son’s body has always represented to me the role of the Church.  The Church is called to hold those who suffer close to it and to wait and pray in hope.

Beloved friends and family of Korea, you are in our prayers today as we all hold and wait and hope with the families who are experiencing this tragedy.  Many families will undoubtedly experience the loss of their loved ones but we pray for their comfort and we hold them in the hope of Easter morning.

“Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)



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