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Rules of Engagment

I welcome participation in the discussion on this blog. To join the conversation, please agree to the following code of conduct (adapted from Wikia):

  1. We take responsibility for our own words.
  2. We will post high quality, acceptable content.
  3. We will not abuse, harass, or threaten others with our words.
  4. We will not publish libelous or knowingly false information or misrepresent another person.
  5. We will not violate confidentiality or the privacy of others.
  6. We will not say something online that we would not say in person.
  7. If tensions escalate, we will have private conversation with the person we disagree with before we respond publicly.
  8. We will not make comments anonymously.
  9. We will not infringe upon copyright or trademark.
  10. We will ignore “trolls”; that is we won’t respond to nasty comments about ourselves in the blog. Feeding trolls only encourages them!

As the initiator of this blog, I (Sally Dyck) reserve the right to delete comments that do not conform to the above rules and basic standards of civility.